How to: Face recognition on Raspberry pi 4 - dlib

Face recognition on Raspberry pi 4 - dlib
Raspberry pi and Computer Vision are always blended hand-in-hand, as it comes with a camera module. Source : techiebouncer.comActually, Dlib highly revolves around models used for face detection, in practice raspberry pi 3 is really a tough thing as the real-time conversion of an image into an array with respect to fps is really slow.But, with raspberry pi 4 - everything looks good and open's much more possibilities.
Coming to Dlib - an interesting library build with dependencies on the sci-kit library.Dlib helps us find, frontal face, eyes, ears, and more.Before installing Dlib, we got to get its dependencies ready,Let's install it.sudo pip3 install numpy sudo pip3 install scipy sudo pip3 install scikit-imageAfter getting these done, let's install Dlib,sudo pip3 install dlib Fine, if everything goes right, then we can get it done easily,
Here comes the python code for recognition of face
# import the necessary packages from imutils imp…

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