Installing Linux on the Minix Neo Z64

Installing Linux on the Minix Neo Z64 Source:       I have recently received the latest  Minix Neo Z64 , courtesy of Minix. This TV Box is equipped with an Intel x86 processor, an Atom 3735F, which is not so far off a low-end PC desktop but at just 2.2W making it fanless. You can check its respectable specs at  this Intel page , and even compare it against other Intel CPUs. The Z64 is  smaller than previous Minix TV boxes , which is nice. As always, a  good quality power adapter , HDMI cable, and remote are bundled in the box. The Wifi antenna design is non-detachable, and this time I have been  unable to find a way to open the box  in order to take the customary PCB photo. Sorry about that :-( Apart from that, you get  32 GB fast eMMC flash  (instead of the usual slower NAND flash chip), 2 GB DDR3  RAM  at  1333 MHz , two (ouch) USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet 10/100 (ouch), Wifi and Bluetooth. I find several big reasons to  prefer this TV box over ARM ones : - the  x86

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