How to: Setup Your Own GPS Tracking Server on a Raspberry Pi

Setup Your Own GPS Tracking Server on a Raspberry Pi by voltlog 3.3K 9 0 INTRO: SETUP YOUR OWN GPS TRACKING SERVER ON A RASPBERRY PI In this project I'm gonna show you how to setup your own GPS tracking server on a Raspberry pi. It doesn’t have to be a Raspberry pi, because the software that we’re going to be using for the tracking server is available for Windows and Linux as well, so you could host this on your Windows machine or in a virtual machine on a cloud service, it's up to you, but the instructions here are for a Raspberry pi 4. The idea started a while back, in  Voltlog #272  when I got this GPS tracker disguised into a general purpose automotive relay. In theory this should come with free online tracking service on some Chinese hosted server but I wasn’t able to connect to that server and so I thought why not setup my own server and try to pair it with this tracker. This way I would have a functioning tracking server and improve the privacy aspect because it will be

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